Your choice Mini Cooper service center in Abu Dhabi

Mini Cooper is an automotive brand that has exemplified performance, excellence, and consistency over numerous generations.

Combining British sensibility, ingenuity, and style, the company has displayed the hallmarks of automotive engineering by producing some of the most iconic and remarkable vehicles that have ever existed. From the Cooper S to the Mini Roadster, Minis exude a sense of style and distinctiveness that is truly unique.

That’s why you want your Mini to be handled by people who understand its legacy and value. If you are looking for car professionals whom you can trust, get in touch with Diamond Bright Car Care – the leading Mini Cooper service center in Abu Dhabi today.

A comprehensive Mini Cooper service center in Abu Dhabi

Diamond Bright Car Care is a premier automotive maintenance and repair company that provides top-notch services to car owners in Abu Dhabi and beyond. We have been in the local automotive industry for more than 5 years, servicing countless cars and customers. Over time, we have established ourselves as trusted car experts, with a focus on models from the most premium auto manufacturers in American and Europe.

We have achieved this by customising our service packages to the specific needs of our customers. We give you exactly what your car needs. Our team is composed of some of the leading technicians, mechanics, and automotive specialists to bring you the best quality service possible, at the most competitive price. We also have a fully-equipped facility ready to accommodate and service your car today.

Our car maintenance facility offers the following services:

  • Engine tuning, maintenance, and repair
  • Coolant system servicing
  • Onboard computer programming
  • Emission testing and analysis
  • Body polishing and painting
  • Electricals testing and maintenance
  • Chassis alignment
  • Transmission maintenance, repair, and overhaul
  • Wheel alignment / tire service
  • Oil change
  • Steering maintenance and repair

Bring your Mini to our service center today

Our facility is located in Mussafah Industrial City, at the back of Emirates Insurance. Schedule your vehicle for inspection by calling us at 02-550 92 49 or 055 635 44 84. You can also send us your queries at