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DB is a dynamic and up-to-date car care center with a well measured operative approach. Passion, enthusiasm & adrenaline push us to keep up our good game & provide our customers a truly instinctive customer experience by bringing you maximum excellence diversity to fulfill all your automotive needs
Our extensive portfolio and wide range of services is a great platform for all your motoring needs. Starting from your basic oil changes, to complex mechanical engine overhauls to body & paint restoration
Our in-house team of highly experienced mechanics, painters, electricians & automotive consultants resonate around with leading-edge technologies & facilities
Now in our eighth year of operation, we have gained widespread experience in highly technical procedures and have overseen hundreds of success stories of major & complex cases

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DB Car Care – A German, American, and British Cars Service Center in Abu Dhabi You Can Rely On.

Has your vehicle been giving you a lot of trouble lately? Do you need to have it inspected and checked by the best car repair shop in Abu Dhabi? As the best garage in Abu Dhabi, Diamond Bright Car Care in Mussafah M26 is here to fulfill all your vehicular needs. Specializing in German vehicle services, we take the utmost pride in offering top-of-the-line vehicle restoration and maintenance services through our team of professional, qualified, experienced, and skilled mechanics. The sole focus of our team is to ensure 100% client satisfaction and optimum car performance.

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From oil leaks to engine restoration, the team at Diamond Bright Car Care looks after vehicles with precision and expertise. As German and American vehicle specialists, we have what it takes to provide essential vehicle care services for owners of different models of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Lexus, and Infiniti amongst many others. Our expertise lies in German, British and American vehicles, and we are particularly skilled at restoration needs specific to luxuries, such as Ford, Mini Cooper, and Jaguar service.

As a trusted car body shop, we offer an extensive range of services to fulfill the individual needs of all our esteemed clients. From car dent repair to car detailing and car AC repair, car painting to car polishing, wheel repair to engine restoration, we offer it all. Our workshops are well-equipped with the latest automobile technologies.

As such, the team of qualified and skilled mechanics at DB Car Care is able to ensure quality vehicle performance through a meticulous process and a variety of service methods. The range of vehicle mending options includes wheel maintenance and alignment, computer system diagnostics and programming, fuel system maintenance, and optimization. Our mechanics also work on coolant replacement, dent removal, and chassis alignment. Whether you are interested in Audi repair or are on the lookout for a trusted Dodge service center, require detailed Volkswagen service, or trying to find a garage that can help you with BMW repair, you can rest assured that our luxury car services in Abu Dhabi, are here to help you out as best as possible.

What Makes our Luxury Car Services The Best Car Service Center In Abu Dhabi?

Your car is special and deserves every bit of attention and care. It’s up to you to find a reputable car repair service to make that happen. Let Diamond Bright Car Care be the repair service of choice for your car. After general inspection, we take the vehicle to the special care section. Here, our proficient and highly capable German car experts in Abu Dhabi check it in detail. Every part is thoroughly examined for problems.

We Deliver The Best Car Maintenance Workshop In Musaffah

As the best mini car repair garage of luxury car service in Abu Dhabi, we ensure that each issue is pinpointed and remedied in the best possible way. Our specialists use cutting edge diagnostic tools that help them identify issues with the car. Issues may range from mechanical faults to electrical problems, transmission failure, or fluid change. Each team that is assigned to your car works meticulously to rectify the problems.