Upgrade Your Ride with FOX Shocks Off Road at Diamond Bright Car Care

Diamond Bright Car Care brings you top-notch FOX shocks off road adventures. We’re the premier destination for everyone in Abu Dhabi who is looking to upgrade their ride and boast speed on the tracks. 

Years of hard work have resulted in us becoming the go-to place for anyone who’s passionate about off-road advantages. We proudly offer our customers the legendary performance of FOX offroad shocks. Connect with us and experience the smoothness of the track on another level.

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Exceptional FOX Shocks Off Road Durability

At our dealership, we offer you FOX shocks off road absorbers that withstand the hardest terrain, giving you firm handling on the tracks. Our team offers you off road shock absorbers that are known for their exceptional strength and reliability. With Diamond Bright Car Care, you can be at peace knowing that your car has a suspension that can handle it all. FOX shocks are made with aluminum, dissipating heat four times as efficiently as steel.

The FOX offroad shocks utilize IFP to separate the oil from the nitrogen, making it easier to control the movement of your vehicle. The aluminum shocks don’t rust easily, making it an investment that can run efficiently for a long period of time.

Connect with Diamond Car Care and make a difference in your driving capabilities.

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luxury cars Services

Legacy of Innovation in Off-Road Performance With Diamond Bright Car Care

Since 1974, FOX has built a strong name and pushed boundaries in the action sports world. At Diamond Bright Car Care, we are dedicated to bringing you original FOX off-road racing shocks. We give you access to their supreme suspension, taking your riding experience up a notch. We ensure that every enthusiast has high-performance off-shock absorbers, giving exceptional control and handling even on the most rough terrain.


3 Cylinder
4 Cylinder
AED 3700
AED 3850

*Amount is subject to 5% VAT

FOX Off-Road Racing Shocks: Complete Control

FOX offroad shocks enhance driver control by improving damping. It enhances stability and reduces body roll. They’re designed with advanced damping technology to ensure smoother handling and reduced bouncing.

FOX shocks also offer adjustable damping settings, allowing drivers to fine-tune the suspension for different driving conditions.  

Their robust construction ensures consistent performance, while their responsive handling contributes to a more agile driving experience. FOX offers a range of shock absorbers tailored to different vehicle types and performance needs, allowing drivers to choose the best shocks for their specific vehicle.

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Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

The Best FOX Offroad Shocks Just A Click Away

Diamond Bright Car Care is here to give you excellent FOX offroad shocks within a few clicks.

Put Your Trust In The Experts

When it comes to finding a reliable FOX offroad shock provider, we’re your best option. Diamond Bright Car Care brings you the top experts in the industry working on your vehicle. Their experience has curated our services for the better.  

Their advice is ideal for having your vehicle running at its best level. They have mastered the art of repair and servicing, giving your precious car the attention it deserves. So, connect with us and enjoy our outstanding service.

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Diamond Bright Car Care Is Your Affordable Choice

We understand that getting branded offroad shocks like FOX can be expensive. That’s why we give you exceptional rates that are within your budget. Our installation and repair charges are minimal, making it easier for you to get FOX off roadshocks. 

Our packages are ideally curated, focusing on quality services at the best rates. So, connect with us now.

Why Choose Us For FOX Shocks Off Road?

At Diamond Bright Car Care, we ensure that you get the best services. Our team assists you at every step and keeps you informed. We’re the top provider of FOX off road shocks in Abu Dhabi. 

Take a look at what makes us the ideal choice for FOX shocks off road.


Years of experience in the automotive industry have given us great exposure to customers’ demands and needs. We have curated our process accordingly to make it easier for drivers in Abu Dhabi to get branded offroad shocks like FOX. We understand every car’s make and model to know which FOX offroad shocks will be ideal. 

Our experience has taught us a lot about handling luxurious vehicles and racing cars. So when we are working on yours, know that it’s in capable hands.

Genuine Parts

We ensure that you receive your money’s worth. That’s why we only deal with genuine parts. Get 100% original FOX shocks off-road and have an elevated driving experience. See the difference for yourself after getting our services in Abu Dhabi.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Diamond Bright Car Care utilizes modern technology to give you top-notch services. Our experts are up-to-date on the new models launched in the industry. They are regularly trained and know the best techniques to have your vehicles’ offroad shocks installed in no time.

Customer Satisfaction

You’re the top priority at Diamond Bright Car Care. Our team completely focuses on your satisfaction. Our strategies and processes are simple to make them easier for you to understand. We assist you to understand better to give you an extraordinary experience.

Your Trusted FOX Off Road Racing Shocks

Looking to get your queries answered by experts? Then you are in the right place. Our technicians are well-informed about the norms of the automobile industry. They’ll help you understand everything about FOX off road racing shocks so you know what’s happening with your precious ride. Contact our team to learn more.


Are FOX shocks a good choice for off-roads?

Yes, FOX shocks are an excellent choice for off-roads drives. They can withstand continuous off-road use. Connect with Diamond Bright Car Care to learn more about FOX shocks.

How often should I service FOX offroad shocks?

The ideal time to replace or service FOX offroad shocks is after a year. It should be serviced after every 50 hours of use. Call our experts and let them have an inspection to give you proper guidance.

Can FOX off-road shocks be adjusted?

Yes, there can be adjustments to FOX off-road shocks. For example, compression damping, rebound damping, and ride height can be adjusted accordingly.

How do I choose the right FOX offroad shocks for my car?

Your car’s make and model play a vital role in deciding which FOX offroad shocks are ideal. Our team will help you get the right one at Diamond Bright Car Care.

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Top FOX Offroad Shocks We Offer:

Connect With Us

Diamond Bright Car Care calls you for the best FOX offroad shocks installation, giving you a steady ride on the tracks. Connect with our team, and they’ll assist you through everything. They help you understand everything about the process so you can make an informed decision. Call us at +971 55 635 4484 and let us give you an exceptional reading experience.