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We Offer Cost-Effective & Service-Oriented German Vehicle Service Contracts

German products are known to be highly engineered. If something has to be described as well-made, the term “German engineering” is often used with it. The manufacturing ability of German products is equivalent to quality. German cars are no exception. These cars are mostly known for their dynamic interior quality. They feel sturdy yet comfy, steadfast yet compliant, and are more efficient, creative, and luxurious with sophisticated driving systems.

DB recognizes and comprehends the value of such masterpieces. When you own a German car, we know that the upkeep of your vehicle is the foremost and most crucial affair for you. Opting for our German car service contract is the best thing that you can do to ensure the overall upkeep of your prized vehicle. Our regular quality servicing identifies and resolves every costly fault beforehand. With DB car servicing, stay at ease, and drive with peace.

Receive An Extended German Auto Warranty From Diamond Bright

Being high-class and top-notch, German cars barely breakdown, but when they do its high-end to fix. Whatever goes wrong is then costly to replace. With a Diamond Bright German car service agreement, there is literally nothing for you to worry about. Our highly technical staff having a strategic vision will diagnose and resolve problems to nip them in the bud. Well before time, our team of technicians will fix anything causing disruption. Moreover, our cost-saving contract offers are highly competent to meet all your needs.

Our service contracts comprise of a range of services, all of which are focused on ensuring that your vehicle keeps performing at its best. Offered for car models starting 2010 and above, our contract offers a 1-year or 20,000 KM warranty whatever comes first, for both labor and parts. We use only genuine parts and also offer 15% off on labor for any additional repairs needed!