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Why choose a service contract extension with Diamond Bright? Your Peace of mind

A service contract from Diamond Bright delivers a range of benefits beyond the money you can save. Paying for important maintenance is much easier to manage and you will always be assisted by highly skilled technicians.

Diamond Bright – Offering The Best Car Service Contracts Extension in Abu Dhabi

When you buy a brand new car, the manufacturer offers a warranty against mechanical breakdowns for a few years. If you wish to keep the car for an extended time period, a vehicle service contract deal will take care of all such expenses. A vehicle service contract is a paid plan covering the costs of repairs needed over a certain period of time, also referred to as extended warranty (however, not by law). If you are a resident of Abu Dhabi, and interested in acquiring a car service contract, then don’t forget to check out the different agreements that we offer for a variety of luxury car models!

Reduced running costs

One of the most attractive benefits of the Diamond Bright service contract extension is the cost-saving it allows you to make. Regular quality servicing lessens the chance of a costly fault occurring as issues are identified and resolved sooner.

Why Is It Essential To Sign A Service Contract Extension?

It is important to realize the need to have a service contract at first. What happens to a car that is not serviced regularly? It is not only dangerous to drive such a car, but it also creates a financial burden on your shoulders as a car tends to require unexpected damage repairs frequently. You can totally count on DB Car Care Services to take special care of your car.

Diamond Bright has been delivering world-class, cost-effective services of car maintenance and repairs in Abu Dhabi for over 9 years and is considered to be one of the leading car service centers in Abu Dhabi. If you wish to have peace of mind with regards to the upkeep of your vehicle, then you should know that our car service agreement works like an insurance policy where you pay in advance, and whenever your car needs any covered repairs or maintenance, we will settle up the bills. You do not need to worry about any sudden costs; we have covered everything in your premium.

Which Cars Do We Offer Service Contracts For?

Whether you possess a British car, an American car, a German car, or any other brand, we are at your service to provide you with the best we own. Our special 15% off on labor for any additional repair needs, for our service contract clients, is one of our attractive offers that is sure to help you save up a great deal of money. We offer:

  • Ford Services Contract
  • Jeep Services Contract
  • Maserati Services Contract
  • Lamborghini Services Contract
  • Ferrari Services Contract
  • Range Rover Services Contract
  • Mercedes Benz Services Contract
  • Mini Cooper Services Contract
  • Lincoln Services Contract
  • Rolls Royce Services Contract
  • Porsche Services Contract
  • Land Rover Services Contract
  • Volkswagen Services Contract
  • Chevrolet Services Contract
  • Dodge Services Contract
  • Cadillac Services Contract
  • Infiniti Services Contract
  • Bentley Services Contract
  • Jaguar Services Contract
  • BMW Services Contract
  • Lexus Services Contract
  • Audi Services Contract
  • Volvo Services Contract
  • GMC Services Contract

We have a team of highly specialized, passionate, and dedicated members who are well-versed with the automotive industry norms and strategies. Dealt with a number of complex and major car issues, we have witnessed many incredible achievements.

Prices that don’t rise with inflation

By entering into a contract the price you pay for aftersales support is fixed for its duration. Even if the cost of other services rises.

Special discount

For all service contract clients, we’d like to offer a 15% off on labor for any additional repairs needed.

– FREE Nano Ceramic protection for any car model once per contract.
– FREE Pickup and delivery for each service.
– Cars starting from the 2010 year model and above.
– All genuine parts and a 1-year or 20,000 KM warranty whatever come first, for both labor and parts.

Call us for an appointment or visit our garage in Abu Dhabi, for a live demo of our car servicing and practices.