Visit The Trusted Audi Specialist In Abu Dhabi

Founded in Germany as Auto Union in 1930; Audi is now one of the brands forming the VW automotive group. The brand is known for its dynamic designs and luxury models. It is also one of the first automotive manufacturers to put the all-wheel-drive into a saloon type vehicle with its very well-known Quattro system.

As a leading Audi specialist garage, our certified technicians will tackle all the complex technical problems and find affordable solutions to give you peace of mind; and reliability in your everyday drive. Whether you are driving an A3 or the sports version, the R8; we have special tools and diagnostic systems that will leave no problem without an efficient solution.

ِAudi Repair Garage Service contract plans

There is no doubt that caring for your Audi and performing service on time will not only extend the service life of your car but also will give you a pleasant and reliable drive. Take advantage of our award-winning Audi service contracts and save up to 35% on your maintenance costs. Our Audi service contract packages will give you peace of mind for 40,000KM or 2 years(whichever comes first) with many other benefits and privileges. Audi service contacts deals start from only AED 3900

*Amount is subject to 5% VAT

From Audi Body Repair & Painting To Audi Transmission Repair In Abu Dhabi, We Handle It All!

Diamond Bright Car Care offers a range of services from simple Audi maintenance, engine oil changes, and brake services, Audi body repair to more complex engine overhauls, transmission Mechatronic replacement, and air conditioner repairs, all under one roof in our facility in Mussafah M26.

Diamond Bright Car Care service center has numerous Audi repair packages available. You can choose the package that best suits your budget and needs. Our team of specialists works equally hard for all clients. As a result, your vehicle gets analyzed and gets repaired just the way you expect. Technicians and experts monitor the performance of the vehicle. Each parameter during Audi maintenance is checked and verified before we deliver the car to the client. This helps our team to address issues that your car may be having.

The Place To Be For Audi Engine Repair & Body Repair In Abu Dhabi

Your search for the best Audi service in Abu Dhabi ends here.We understand that you don’t compromise on quality. As the leading Audi Service center; We at Diamond Bright Car Care have the expertise and knowledge that you expect from a top high-end repair service. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians combine efforts to bring every vehicle to its original shape. They spend hours upon hours to make sure that your wheels stay fit and travel-worthy.

We understand how important it is for you to maintain your vehicles’ engine and have it repaired by a professional in case something goes wrong. No matter your needs, we are here to deliver quality services at price points that are simply unbeatable!

Our Audi Solutions include

  • Audi Periodic services and mechanical repairs
  • Audi Brake system service and brake fluid bleeding
  • Audi Engine and Transmission repairs and overhauls
  • Audi Electrical and AC repairs
  • Audi Accident and body repairs
  • Audi Body polishing and painting
  • Audi Maintenance
  • Audi Body Repair
  • Interior detailing and leather protection
  • Audi Paint protection and nano-ceramic coating
  • Audi Computer diagnosis and control unit programming
  • Audi Steering and suspension repairs
  • Audi Tire service and wheel alignment
  • Audi Air suspension diagnosis and repairs

Audi Models Served

  • Audi A1/Audi S1
  • Audi A2
  • Audi A3/Audi S3/Audi RS3
  • Audi A4/Audi S4/Audi RS4
  • Audi A5/Audi S5/Audi RS5
  • Audi A6/Audi S6/Audi RS6
  • Audi A7/Audi S7/Audi RS7
  • Audi A8/Audi S8
  • Audi Q1
  • Audi Q2
  • Audi Q3
  • Audi Q5
  • Audi Q7
  • Audi Q8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi TT

If you’re having issues with your Audi, then make sure that you visit Diamond Bright Car Care in Mussafah M26, Abu Dhabi right away! Feel free to get in touch with us at 02 550 92 49 or send in your queries to us at, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Diamond Bright guarantees all its body work repairs for 12 months
(regardless of mileage)