Elevate Your Ride With BRAID Wheels At Diamond Bright Car Care

Diamond Bright Car Care is your most trusted BRAID wheels dealership in Abu Dhabi. Our inventory has brands like BRAID that can completely rejuvenate your driving experience. Get a chance to drive off-trail paths without any worry of wear or tear. We bring you tires that resist continuous wear. Operating as certified sellers, we have a strong clientele in Abu Dhabi of driving enthusiasts who trust us with their tire needs.

Connect with Diamond Bright Car Care today and experience a difference in your vehicle’s handling. Drive your high-end car at peak performance and speed. We’re here to sell you BRAID Wheels UAE for racing cars, delivering revolutionary experiences.

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Enhanced Performance,
Top Quality With BRAID Rims

Take your performance up a notch with BRAID rims from Diamond Bright Car Care. We offer excellent tires made from lightweight materials like aluminum. With our BRAID rims, you’ll be able to improve fuel efficiency and reduce unsprung weight. Have a chance to enjoy better handling and responsiveness.

At Diamond Bright Car Care, we understand your passion for automobiles. For every enthusiast out there, we have the perfect BRAID wheel for you. We offer top-quality BRAID off road rims that are known for their lightweight construction. It enhances handling and acceleration, providing superior strength for performance driving.

Don’t settle for average, invest in BRAID performance wheels from Diamond Bright Car Care today. Contact us for a consultation.

BRAID Offroad Wheels Full Race Concept

We’re proud to offer BRAID Full Race Concept wheels, the ultimate companion for adventure. Forged from lightweight aluminum with the latest technology, these wheels offer the perfect balance of strength and weight reduction.

Conquer any trail with flexibility and durability, thanks to ample tire clearance for off-road capability. Their strong design withstands the harshest conditions. Experience the thrill of off-roading with the confidence and performance that only BRAID Full Race Concept wheels can deliver.

Visit Diamond Bright Car Care today and transform your car into an off road legend with BRAID wheels UAE.


3 Cylinder
4 Cylinder
AED 3700
AED 3850

*Amount is subject to 5% VAT

Less Weight And Strong Rigidity

Our tires are known for their strong build. BRAID wheels offer exceptional durability and reliability in every condition. They are engineered to withstand the rigors of off-road terrain while maintaining their structural form.

Our premium BRAID rims shed weight without compromising strength. Experience a more responsive ride, sharper handling, and improved fuel efficiency with Diamond Bright Car Care. We have wheels with properties that are all crucial for tackling tough terrain. But don’t be fooled by their lightness; BRAID’s engineering guarantees exceptional rigidity, letting you dominate any obstacle with confidence.

Connect with us today to buy BRAID wheels off road and equip your rig for mastery with the unbeatable combination of lightweight performance and rock-solid rims.

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Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Our Services Is All Time Available

Our customer care team is ready to serve you and answer your queries.

Authorized BRAID Wheels Off Road In Abu Dhabi

We deal with 100% original tires in Abu Dhabi. With our service, you can get branded wheels like BRAID in a few clicks. We’re a leading dealership that everyone trusts. At Diamond Bright Car Care, we ensure high performance and safety for fierce riders. Take your pick from a wide selection of top brands, including the legendary BRAID offroad wheels.

Imagine the convenience of our exceptional service. Your dream wheels, like BRAID, can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Repair, Alignment, Replacement: All Under One Roof

Diamond Bright Car Care ensures you don’t have to go from one dealership to another for your wheel needs. Our experienced experts are here to help you with BRAID repair, alignment, and replacement in one place. You can give us a call, and we’ll make arrangements for your high-end vehicle.

Why Choose Us For BRAID Wheels UAE?

At Diamond Bright Car Care, you’ll receive original BRAID rims UAE and that’s a promise. You will get your money’s worth through our services.

So, connect with us today without making any delays.


Diamond Bright Car Care has assisted many drivers in upgrading their vehicles and transforming their journeys. We recognize the importance of wheels and present you with industry-renowned brands. Give your automobile a boost by getting its tires changed by professionals. They’ll do precise alignments and repairs that you won’t have to worry about for a long time.

Genuine Parts

Diamond Bright Car Care is Abu Dhabi’s most reputable dealership for BRAID wheels. Install authentic BRAID rims and improve your driving experience. Increase the market value of your car. Install high-quality wheels today to pique the curiosity of prospective purchasers

Enjoy a smooth ride over difficult terrain without worrying about wearing off or losing quality. We are qualified vehicle parts providers who give drivers access to luxury brands.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our garage has innovative technology to provide you with the best possible service. We use new methods to meet all of your tire demands. Upgrade your vehicle’s tires and have them back sooner than planned. Our excellent tools have made it possible for us to install Method rims without difficulty or wasting time.

Customer Satisfaction

At Diamond Bright Car Care, customer happiness is our main focus. We offer a straightforward strategy that will help you make decisions more easily. We guarantee that you are fully informed about the BRAID off-road wheel installation procedure and how it will improve your driving experience.

Have All Your Tires Replaced At Best Prices

We have the best process at Diamond Bright Car Care, making tire replacement easier for all. Connect with us today and learn more about BRAID wheels UAE.


Do BRAID wheels require special maintenance?

BRAID wheels are designed for durability. However, regular maintenance, such as cleaning and tire pressure checks, is recommended. It’s important to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our experts can provide guidance on proper care routines.

How can I get in touch with you to purchase BRAID rims UAE?

You can give us a call at +971 55 6354484 or email us at service@db-carcare.com.

Where is your garage located?

Our garage is at M26, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE. You can call us to pick-up your vehicle or come directly to us too.

What types of vehicles are BRAID wheels suitable for?

BRAID wheels cater to a wide range of vehicles. They are ideal for SUVs, trucks, and performance cars. Connect with us for BRAID wheels if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle for rugged off road use.

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

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Call us today to get your BRAID rims UAE at your doorstep. Enjoy great strength and stiffness with Diamond Bright Car Care services. Pick up your phone and ring us at +971 55 6354484, or drop us an email at service@db-carcare.com. Your reliable partner with an extensive catalog.