Looking For Method Wheels UAE?

Upgrade your wheel to have a smooth off road ride when Diamond Bright Car Care has your back. We’re known to deal with branded wheels for German, American, and British cars. We were established in 2011, and since then, we’ve been the top-rated dealers for everyone in the UAE.

We are committed to providing:

Connect with us to get branded products like Method off road wheels and witness excellent shifts in your driving experience. Our team is just a call away. So, pick up your phone and take a step towards an optimum wheel upgrade.

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Certified Dealership For
Method Race Wheel In Abu Dhabi

Your luxurious car deserves the best, and that’s what we provide at Diamond Bright Car Care. We are the foremost destination where everyone heads when they’re looking for top-notch wheels from brands like Method Race Wheel. We are certified dealers of Method Wheels UAE, giving you top quality at the best rates.

We have experts that can assist you when it comes to wheel repair, alignment, and balancing. You need Method Rims UAE; we’re the ones you should trust. Through our services, we’re delivering quality and innovation in automotive products.

Get Method wheels off road from us and receive enhanced:

Don’t wait, and connect with us today for Method off road rims.

100% USA BASED Engineering

Method Race Wheel offers 100% USA based engineering and quality control. These wheels showcase innovation and style at their best. Diamond Bright Car Care has made it easier for you to invest in branded tires like Method Race Wheel in Abu Dhabi. Method Race Wheel are the epicenter of modern design and functionality. Method offroad rims are sleek, giving your luxurious car a look that is the epitome of excellence and elegance.


3 Cylinder
4 Cylinder
AED 3700
AED 3850

*Amount is subject to 5% VAT

Method Off Road Rims Now At Your Doorsteps

Need to upgrade to Method Rims UAE but don’t have time to go to a dealer? That won’t be an issue anymore when you have us. When you can’t come to us, we come to you, making it convenient for you to get Method Race Wheels. Our team is ready for any sort of emergency, offering roadside assistance. Diamond Bright Car Care is there for its customers whenever needed. We can pick up your car from anywhere in Abu Dhabi and bring it to our garage for tire replacement and maintenance.

Our service can help you save:

Our Method Wheels collection makes it easier to get quality tires that can keep your driving experience top-notch and safe. With strong handling and grip, you can have an easy off road riding experience. Connect with Diamond Bright Car Care to get high performance wheels for race and street applications.

Looking for Certified mini COOPER service center

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Our Services Is All Time Available

Our customer care team is ready to serve you and answer your queries.

Better Fuel Mileage, Less Maintenance

Method Race Wheel is a brand that offers extreme durability and can be your long-term investment. Thanks to Diamond Bright Car Care, as your authorized dealer, we give you access to a complete collection of Method Race Wheel. With a light bead weight, you’ll have better fuel mileage and a lesser stain on the suspension. We ensure that you get Method offroad wheels that’s constructed from high-quality materials. Our tires can withstand the toughest conditions without diminishing their quality. We promise to give our customers wheels that will work optimally for years to come.

Enjoy Performance Enhancing Features

With a trusted brand like Method Race Wheel you’ll enjoy your Land Cruiser’s peak off road performance. Have a smooth and controlled driving experience on the terrain. Connect with us and make it happen today. With patented bead grip technology, you can run lower tire pressure without any worries.

Why Choose Us For Method
Wheels Off Road?

We have years of experience dealing with luxurious brands like Method Race Wheel. At our dealership, you will get the value of your money. No duplication; only the original component. Connect with us and experience everything yourself.


Diamond Bright Car Care has helped many drivers upgrade their ride and transform their journey. We understand the core value of wheels and bring you brands that are renowned in the industry. Give your car a boost by having your tires ideally replaced by experts. They’ll do perfect alignments and repairs that you’ll not have to be worried about for a long time.

Genuine Parts

Diamond Bright Car Care is the most trusted dealership in Abu Dhabi that you can connect to for Method Race Wheel. We are certified car parts providers, giving drivers access to luxurious brands. Have a smooth ride on rough terrain without any worries about wearing off or compromising the quality.

By installing genuine Method Race Wheel, we not only give you an upgraded driving experience but also enhance your vehicle’s resale value. Grab potential buyers’ interest by installing top-notch Method wheels today.

State-of-art Facility

Our garage is equipped with the latest tools to give you top-notch services. We deal with all of your tire needs through modern techniques. Our outstanding tools have made it convenient for us to install Method rims without much trouble or wasting any time. Get your vehicle’s tires upgraded and back sooner than expected.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority at Diamond Bright Car Care. We ensure that you’re informed about the Method offroad wheel process and ways it’ll make your driving journey better. We have a clear approach that can make decision-making easier for you.

Have All Your Tires Replaced At Best Prices

An easy approach and transparent prices are what you get at Diamond Bright Car Care. We’ve got amazing packages that you can opt for. Get your Method wheels UAE installed today.


Do you have bead grip wheels?

Yes, we do. You can connect with our team for the best method rims UAE.

Can you do rims scratch removal and painting?

Yes, we do. Our team offers excellent Method rims' scratch removal and painting services.

Do you offer installation services for Method wheels?

Yes, we do. We offer professional installation services for Method wheels at Diamond Bright Car Care.

What are the benefits of Method wheels over stock wheels?

Method wheels are lighter yet stronger than stock wheels. They improve fuel efficiency, off-road performance, and handling. Their rugged construction enhances durability in tough conditions.

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

Looking for Certified & Affordable Car Garage in Mussafah ?

mini Cooper solutions include

Get In Touch With Us For Method Offroad Wheels

Get in touch with us to buy Method Race Wheel from authorized dealers like us. You can call us at +971 55 6354484 or send an email at service@db-carcare.com. Our team will get back to you in no time.